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Welcome to our traditional Japanese store. We call ourselves "Sakurasan" since 2007, or the cherry blossom, which emphasizes the ephemeral beauty that lasts an instant. A very important symbol, used in all the artistic forms of the land of the Rising Sun, which perfectly reflects our history.


Walking through the streets of the city, don't be surprised if passing between Porta Romana and Piazza V Giornate, in Viale Lazio, you will be struck by our showcase, always suggestive and full of rarities. Admire it and then close your eyes, you will be with us for a moment in Kyoto. And, if you feel like it, just come in just to look around, a corner of Japan awaits you ...

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Viale Lazio, 6 Milano Italy tel 025516745

P.IVA 07900270153

Continuous hours from 9:30 am to 19:00 pm

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